Numerological Compatibility Calculator

It’s a common question for numerologists, astrologers, crystal ball gazers and palm readers alike – is my partner the right one for me? And if not, then who would be? Personal relationships are usually somewhere in the top 3 priorities for most people in the world, since they relate so much to our base level animalistic instincts to find a mate. It’s also a reflection on the world as it is today that to even enjoy a reasonably comfortable standing of living, to buy property or a car often ends up with two people having to agree to pool together their resources. So with all this in mind you need to ensure that your partner is not only trustworthy and grounded, but also that on a person to person level they have a sense of united purpose and a complementary energy that you get along with (without sounding too abstract about it!).

If you don’t have a personal numerologist of your own that you can visit, you may find using such an online numerological compatibility calculator to be worth a quick go, at least to get an initial prognosis. After all, there are many of these out there and it only takes a few seconds to bash a few numbers into a website and read the results that are churned out at the other end. But you nonetheless need to be cautious about using these sorts of resources, because at the end of the day it is your interpretation of these results in relation to the individual situation of your relationship that is going to count more than anything else.


What Really Happens With An Online Numerological Compatibility Calculator?

In most cases an analysis using an online numerological compatibility calculator just takes a small amount of data – your name and date of birth, and the name and date of birth of your partner. The date of birth is used because that provides the life path number, and the name forms the destiny number. The life path number lays down your overall character, and the destiny expresses your background and how things will proceed. The calculator essentially works out each number and then gives a view on what your relationship is like.

I tried a few of the popular numerology compatibility calculator sites out there which we were all essentially using the same script. You feed these values in, out come the life path and destiny numbers, and then it prints out a brief sentence or two about how you get on as individuals and dispenses cursory advice for the future of the relationship. It’s all very well and good, but bear in mind you are dealing with a simple piece of computer programming that is basically reading slavishly off a set script. Also, the reading is so short as to be rather thin on any information you didn’t know already.

When I had my results back I found them quite interesting but the biggest question of why these results were given, based on comparing my life path and destiny numbers with those of my partner, was left hanging in the wind somewhat. For example there was some financial advice given, but I had no idea what the particular relevance or even seriousness of this was to our combination of numbers. I don’t mean to be cynical about these sites, as I’m sure there is a grain of truth in them as I am a believer in numerology and the reading wasn’t that far off the mark, but the amount of advertisements on them is a bit of a warning sign to me as to what the real motives are of the site owner.

Anyway so what if you don’t have a partner but are still keen on using numerology to whittle down your admirers? Well, there are resources available for this too in the shape of tables of compatibility values that read like an almanac for numerological singletons. These themselves are interesting taken as they are – it seems that life path 8s and 9s are resolutely unpopular, being deemed incompatible with 4 out of 9 people each!


My Thoughts On All This

There are two things that crop into my mind when I interpret some of this information. And that’s aside from all the subtleties and nuances that form up a person’s makeup beyond the mere two values of life path and destiny numbers, important though they are.

One is that somebody who is going through bad times or doubts in their relationship could use one of these numerological compatibility calculator websites and take the advice seriously in action. If my partner sat me down and told me that despite a long and happy relationship, it is in our best interests to split up now because I am a 6 and they don’t match well with a 7, you would have to carry me out of the room on a stretcher I would laugh so hard.

The other is that, even if you are a number 6 matched with a 7 for example, this doesn’t mean that you should apply the blanket judgement that the relationship is bound to fail. I will tell you something right now – every relationship “fails” in that it has to end one day, and we take away positive and negative messages from every relationship we are from which we can learn in the future. I don’t see much wrong in persisting with a relationship between two people with very different life paths, indeed it gives each of them a unique opportunity to see life through a different lens and can really help them understand themselves a lot more.

There are quite a lot of other good points touched on in this video too which debates the whole concept of compatibility matching using numerolgy:

So, that’s what I think about these compatibility calculator programs you see about the place on numerology sites. They may have their uses, but the caveats around them are considerable and you need to keep a very open mind in applying the end results to a real life situation. The best option is to spend a little extra time getting to know people in the numerology community who can give you valuable tidbits of advice from their own experience in studying numbers and working with others – you may find that a real person will give you far more practical information than a robot on an advertisement website ever will!


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